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~~ Surprisingly Affordable and Technically Superior Websites ~~

Every business needs a website to let the world know that they exist and they have products and services to offer. If you have a business and don't have a website, you're missing the boat!

Of course, you know that, right? You need a website. You need an email address. You'll probably need some expert help to correctly accomplish these tasks.

Trying to build a website on your own using an on-line service may prove to be something that you just can't handle. Impressive Websites can help.

There are a lot of important technical steps that need to be followed to create a Technically Superior Website and get it listed in Google and Yahoo. You want people to find you... don't you?

Read on... you're getting to the really good part. arrow

Affordable? You bet! For about a hundred bucks, you can have a simple and informative single-page website up and running lickity split. Visit the Portfolio page to see examples of Impressive Websites available for a hundred dollars. All of these sites were custom designed without the use of templates or tables. They are all W3C compliant and will display properly in all popular browsers.

As part of the deal, I create a robots text file, a favorite icon, as well as sitemap files for both Google and Yahoo so your new site will get picked up in the search engines. You'll get more bang for the buck.

Why are other web designers charging so much?

Interested? Don't just sit there, call 248-747-4750 for more info or click on the links above to learn more about creating and testing a website. Start by carefully reviewing the About IW page. You will learn a lot about Impressive Websites and what makes a website technically superior.

Are you dissatisfied with your current website design or unhappy with the company that maintains it? Call Impressive Websites for some free advice and help. You will talk to an American in Farmington Hills, Michigan.

And, of course, ALL Impressive Websites are proudly crafted from top to bottom by an American in the good ol' USA.

A Marketing Comment from Alan Darge . . . So why is the price of a website $100 and not $99.95? That extra nickel is needed to cover my expenses. Seriously, there are no gimmicks here. I'm not trying to fool you with some crappy trick; it's a hundred bucks. Everything is clear and simple.

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